Aircraft Maintenance

Let Us Turn Your Bad Day Into A Good Day!

T Black Aviation is here to help you with your aircraft maintenance and inspection needs! From replacing a tire to overhauling an engine, we’re available 7 days a week. We enjoy our work and enjoy helping customers; there is no change in maintenance rate “because it’s a weekend” or “after hours.” The same price applies to all customers:

Airplane Landing Gear Twin Engine Airplane

Maintenance & Repairs

Minor, Routine, Scheduled
Airplane Prop
Non-Routine, Heavy, Unscheduled
Engine Repairs
  • Licensed and Insured A&P/IA
  • No work performed on your aircraft without your consent.
  • Lycoming Service-Center Trained
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Piston Engine Aircraft:        $95.00 per hour
  • Jet Engine Aircraft:              $105.00 per hour
  • Get Estimate/Schedule Maintenance
  • Or Call Us at 727-698-8378!

We can help you with an Engine Overhaul or Exchange!

Aircraft Engine Prop Drive Aircraft Engine Pumps Hoses Aircraft Engine Exhaust Manifold Aircraft Engine Spark Plugs