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Notice: In order to provide the safest and most comfortable experience possible, Proof of Renters Insurance is required at time of rental. T Black Aviation recommends minimum coverage of $50,000.00 Bodily Injury and Property Damage, and $10,000.00 Aircraft Damage Liability. We have partnered with Avemco for the most affordable rates possible. If you do not currently hold Aircraft Renter's Insurance, please visit AVEMCO and sign up today!

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T Black Aviation Aircraft Rentals

2004 Cessna C-172SP

$95/Hour Dry
(Fuel Not Included)


Aircraft & Accessories

Introductory/Discovery Flight (approximately half hr.) $99
Headset Rental$8.00
Portable A/C Cooler$5.00 per flight hour, 2 hour minimum
Single–Engine Aircraft (all certificates & ratings) $60 per hour
Individualized Ground Instruction $60 per hour
Miscellaneous Fees
Master Switch left ON
(If battery does not recharge, customer will be responsible for replacement costs)
$45/per occurrence
Flat Spotted TiresPro-rated/per occurrence
Tail Strike125.00 and up depending on extent of damage