A&P Certification Program Info

Admission Requirements:

  • Two original copies of FAA Form 8610-2 (copies must contain original signatures)
    1. Click the link above to download and print the FAA Form 8610-2.
    2. Print your name on FAA Form 8610-2 as it appears on your government-issued, photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License, Passport, etc.) Your name on both your identification and FAA Form 8610-2 MUST MATCH EXACTLY.
    3. Complete the form, listing all of your qualifying experience. For military personnel, visit the following page to see which license your MOS/AFSC qualifies you for: http://www.tblackaviation.com/a&p-process.html
    4. Make two copies of your completed FAA Form 8610-2 (Do not sign until you meet with an FAA inspector).
    5. Contact your local FSDO* and set up an appointment to get the two copies of your FAA Form 8610-2 signed by an FAA Inspector: http://www.tblackaviation.com/fsdo-locations.html
    6. Bring your photo ID and proof of experience to your meeting with the FAA inspector. Samples include: training records, DD Form 214, letters of recommendation, graduation certificate(s), etc.
    7. When your two copies of FAAForm 8610-2 have been signed by the FAA inspector, enroll for our A&P course in whichever month you prefer to attend: http://www.tblackaviation.com/class-schedule.html
    8. *Note that this process will differ for applicants outside of the U.S.; FAA International Field Offices can be found on the following page: http://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/field_offices/ifo/ Contact whichever international field office oversees your area.

Program Objective:

Our objective is to expand the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the experienced aviation technician. Individual instructional modules review the fundamentals necessary to properly prepare for a career in aircraft maintenance and repair.

Program Description:

The (A&P) Aviation Mechanic Certification Program provides a basic foundation reviewing the principles, fundamentals, and technical procedures within the required subject matter areas necessary to achieve certification as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airframe and Powerplant technician.

Materials Needed On The First Day:

    • Two original copies of FAA Form 8610-2 with Full Legal Name. (copies must contain original signatures)
    • State or Federal Photo ID with Full Legal Name (Must match 8610-2)
    • Non - U.S. residents must possess a valid passport for identification.
    • A calculator (Texas Instrument TI-30XA)
    • A highlighter
    • Pen or pencil and paper
    • Laptop

    A&P Course FAQ’s:

    1. I already have my Powerplant license; I just need Airframe. Do I still have to take the entire 2–week A&P course?”
      No, you only have to enroll for the course you need.  For example, if you only need to take the Airframe course, you can enroll for just the Airframe Test Prep Course. You will attend class on the days the Airframe course is scheduled, during the desired 2-week period.  Contact us for specific course dates if you’d like further information.
    2. Is there a registration fee to enroll in your course?
      No, we do not charge a registration fee for any of our courses.
    3. I contacted another school that said although I have experience, it would be better for me to attend a full A&P program. Is this true?”
      Not necessarily, as every person’s experience and education is unique.  Before you make your decision, do the following:
      • Ask the school for a detailed explanation of their curriculum. Compare the curriculum of the full A&P program to your current skills and education.
      • Consider how many students will be enrolled in the program and if you can reasonably assume each student will receive adequate hands-on time in each class.
      • When calling the school, ask to speak with someone that has an aircraft maintenance background.
      • Ask the school for contact information for alumni. Ask those graduates about their background prior to attending the school and the benefits they experienced by attending the full A&P program.
      • Meet with licensed, experienced A&P mechanics. Explain your background, current education and skill level. Ask for their opinion regarding which plan they would recommend.
      • Remember that attending a full A&P program is usually recommended for individuals with minimal or no experience in aviation maintenance.
      • If you feel your skills are weak in just a couple of subject areas, it may be better to seek out a mentor or get tutoring in those areas, until you’ve improved.
      • Remember that you never stop learning. Graduates of a full A&P program will still require ongoing training, skills acquisition, etc.

    4. I failed my AMT (General/Airframe/Powerplant) written exam. How long do I have to wait before I can test again?
      There is no waiting requirement to test again. However, you will need to have any appropriate-rated (Airframe or Powerplant) mechanic sign-off for you to retest.
    5. How long is the class each day?
      Plan to be in class from 9:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. each day; also plan for approximately 3 hours of studying each evening, after class.
    6. How many hours should I study each night, while I am taking your course?
      Plan to study for at least 3 hours each evening, after class.
    7. I’m currently enrolled in a school to earn my A&P certification, but realized I’m already experienced in the current area of study. Can I take your course to complete my A&P license?
    8. Does your class include any hands–on training, like riveting, etc.?
      The Oral & Practical prep course will include hands–on training.
    9. I’m nervous that there are a few skills I need that will prevent me from passing the exam...
      We offer individual tutoring if you would like to strengthen you’re A&P skills.