Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET)

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Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET)



NCATT, along with their industry partners, has developed the Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) Standard and Certification and its corresponding endorsements to address the Aircraft Electronics/Avionics career field. The NCATT AET is the primary certification and is required for all endorsements in the career field. The AET certification identifies the core knowledge of an Aircraft Electronics/Avionics technician that is common across the industry. This includes the military, air carrier, air cargo, repair stations, fixed-based operators, corporate flight departments, and manufacturers.


What is the NCATT AET Certification and who is eligible to take the test?
The AET (Aircraft Electronics Technician) Certification test contains the core knowledge of an Aircraft Electronics/Avionics technician that is common throughout the aviation industry. ┬áThe NCATT AET certification examination is open to all individuals regardless of career field, training, education or experience. However, previous A&P mechanic experience is strongly recommended.

How many times can I take the exam in order to pass?
There are no limitations on the number of times a technician may take the NCATT AET Certification examination.

What do I need to score in order to pass the AET certification exam?
The minimum passing grade for the NCATT AET Certification examination is 70%.

How often must I renew my AET certification?
Passing grades will automatically trigger lifetime NCATT AET certification for the individual.

What happens if I score below the passing grade?
Scores lower than 70% will require the applicant to re-test no sooner than 30 days. Please note that the exam fee will need to be paid each time the test is taken.

How much is the NCATT AET Course?
$995.00 includes course tuition, textbook, workbook, and the NCATT AET exam.