Private Pilot Requirements

61.103 Eligibility Requirements

Be at least 17 yrs of age

Be able to read , write and speak the English language

Have at least a third class medical

61.107 Flight Proficiency

61.109 Aeronautical Experience

40 hours total time

20 hours dual

10 hours solo

3 hours cross country

3 hours night

1 cross country over 100 nautical miles

10  takeoffs and landings at night

3 hours instrument

3 hours within 60 days of checkride

5 hours solo cross country

1 solo cross country at least 150 nautical miles

3 takeoffs and landings to a full stop at a controlled airport

Instructor endorsement

FAA  written exam


All requirements as listed on private pilot

10 hours in class and category of rating being sought

3 hours with 60 days of check ride

Complex endorsement